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BMW Genuine Enduro GS Goggles All Black - 76317923604

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BMW Genuine Enduro GS Goggles All Black - 76317923604
• 100% fit for GS helmet but can also fit almost any enduro helmets
• Unique size
• Very Sporty Design
• Advanced ventilation / Off Road Sport use
• Adjustable glasses band
• Double glazed glass with 100% UV protection

The GS Pro and GS Pro 101 enduro goggles are the perfect complement to the BMW enduro motorcycle helmets for off-road and motocross tours.

For your convenience, both models are sold with a new type of double glazing with 100% UV protection. The GS Pro and GS Pro 101 have an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating for optimal visibility. A foam ventilation opening directly into the glass makes the enduro goggles unique.

Wearing these goggles is a real pleasure, thanks to its antimicrobial and hygienic foam padding of the enduro goggles, perfectly following the contours of your face, while preventing dust from entering. Thanks to its adjustable width and silicone coating on the back, this prevents the glasses from slipping, ensuring you comfort and safety.

Another advantage for those who wear glasses: the GS Pro and GS Pro 101, are equipped with an Over-the-Glasses (OTG) frame, so for those wearing optical corrective glasses, this ensures a practical side.

The One size Enduro goggles are available in the GS Pro and GS Pro 101 colour options.


P/N: 76317923604