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BMW Genuine GS Carbon Evo Grid Helmet 2021 - 76317922401

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BMW Genuine GS Carbon Evo Grid Helmet 2021- 76317922401
• Type of helmet: Enduro helmet
• Gender: Unisex
• Use: Adventure / Off Road
• Low weight: 1450g
• Multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS)
• Material: Outer shell in carbon (100% CFRP), and shock-absorbing inner shell in EPS (expanded polystyrene) with 5 segments of different density for better safety
• Integrated GS helmet communication system (optional)
• High-end helmet
• Class 2 three-dimensional curvature visor with standard interior anti-fog double-glazed Pinlock glass and exterior anti-scratch glass
• Perfectly combinable with the BMW Motorrad Neck Brace system
• Very efficient ventilation, aerodynamics and aeroacoustics system
• Double D chin strap closure
• Removable and washable interior
• Maintenance: use the interior cleaner of BMW Motorrad Helmet.

With a very sporty design, the BMW GS Carbon EVO motorcycle helmet appeals to BMW customers. Significant development efforts have been made on ventilation to make it optimal for sporting use, which is why the chin area has been adapted for this purpose, which gives it a very sporty off-road style. Modern safety technology meets a sporty off-road look: the GS Carbon Evo helmet is equipped for the first time with the Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS). The innovative system reduces the rotational movement of the head in the event of an impact, thereby reducing the risk of brain damage.

This sporty enduro helmet is therefore perfectly suited to Touring. Indeed, two sizes of helmet shell are available. They are made entirely of carbon plastic reinforced with 100% carbon fibers.

For your safety, the MIPS system allows to reduce the rotational movement of the head during impact, ensuring you values ​​of impact absorption, as well as safety performance at the highest level. In addition, neck straps also provide you with a secure fit.

For your comfort, the GS Carbon EVO motorcycle helmet is equipped with a dual lens visor, curved in 3D, equipped with an anti-fog inner lens, as well as an outer lens coated on both sides with a scratch resistant. In addition, this BMW helmet has washable and replaceable head and cheek pads.

The aerodynamics and acoustics of the BMW GS Carbon EVO Helmet, as well as its ventilation system, have been tested and optimized for many hours in the wind tunnel.

Featuring a removable chin flap and dust filter, so you get free air supply when off-roading and driving in hot weather.

BMW has even developed a GS Helmet Communication System specially designed for the BMW GS Carbon EVO Helmet to keep you connected even in the most extreme situations.


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