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BMW Genuine Leather Cleaning Kit With UV Protection 250ml - 83125A16458

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Cleanses, protects, and cares for your BMW interior leather with high-quality waxes and rich oils. This helps to maintain the leather by preventing it from becoming brittle, moisturising the surface, and increasing resistance to wear. UV-protection helps to prevent the bleaching of colours and premature ageing of the leather. It also preserves the original characteristics of the leather surface, keeping it soft, smooth, and breathable for a long time.

- Leather care with UV protection 250ml
- 3 sponges
- 5 cleaning cloths

Before application, remove coarse contamination with a slightly damp cloth. Shake product before use. Apply to the leather surface with the sponge provided and polish lightly with the cloth provided in order to remove excess residues. Apply to large area. Do not use on heated surface. Protect from frost.



Part Number: 83125A16458, 83125A16458