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BMW Motorrad Genuine Communication System For All Helmets Fit-For-All - 76512472720

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  • Helmet independent communication system
  • Driver Pillion - Communication System
  • Extendable for communication with up to 6 motorcycles via the communication module Bike-to-Bike
  • Simple helmet integration
  • Easy operation by means of a control unit with 3 buttons
  • Listen to navigation announcements
  • Music streaming via BMW compatible audio resources also on pillion
  • Telephony if a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone is connected
  • Automatic suppression of noise
  • Operating time up to 8 hours depending on usage (560 mAh)

    Talking to each other, talking on the phone, listening to music and always staying on track through the connection with the BMW Motorrad Navigator and the TFT display:

    The lightweight BMW Motorrad communication system Fit-for-All is characterized by functionality, simple three-button operation and a slim design. In addition to the wireless voice connection between driver and passenger, the system enables communication with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

    In this way, announcements from the BMW Motorrad Navigator can be received or calls made, provided that a corresponding smartphone is on board. The same applies to music playback via the BMW audio system or compatible end devices.

    The automatic suppression of noise, clear music playback and high voice quality make for a pleasant communication experience while driving. The BMW Motorrad communication system Fit-for-All can be integrated into almost any helmet.

    It can also be combined with the communication module Bike-to-Bike and then enables group communication with other motorcycles.

    The BMW Motorrad communication system Fit-for-All combines functionality and sleek design in one. In addition, the BMW Motorrad Fit-for-All communication system fits into all standard helmets. BMW Motorrad does not guarantee this.


    Part Number: 76512472720